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With loving our seniors, Private Care, and more.
Our Mission: To provide care services for the aging and terminally ill. 

Saving Memories offers private care services and customizes care plans, assessments, and nutrition plans for what the person was diagnosed with. Saving Memories also has a unique dementia program.


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Early Intervention Dementia Cognition Program

  • Saving Memories is our exclusive proprietary dementia cognition program developed by a Gerontologist which slows down the progressive decline of the illness.

  • It incorporates exercise, diet, activities, customized visual aids, a labeling system that is used so caregivers jobs are less stressful because dementia patients are more independent. There are supplements and a memory board/binder.

  • The program length varies from 4 to 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Proven benefits include: Slowing down progression of the illness; Keeps person with dementia stable; Enjoy an active lifestyle; Boost self esteem; Allows seniors to stay at home longer.

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