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Dementia Cognition Program


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  • The pictures on the left is a client putting her own clothes away with visual aides.

  • The pictures on the right is a client doing her mental exercises.

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Early Intervention Dementia Cognition Program

  • Saving Memories is our exclusive proprietary dementia cognition program developed by a Gerontologist which slows down the progressive decline of the illness.

  • It incorporates exercise, diet, activities, customized visual aids, a labeling system that is used so caregivers jobs are less stressful because dementia patients are more independent. There are supplements and a memory board/binder.

  • The program length varies from 4 to 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Proven benefits include: Slowing down progression of the illness; Keeps person with dementia stable; Enjoy an active lifestyle; Boost self esteem; Allows seniors to stay at home longer.