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Playing Cards

Client on right side is exercising and this helps with Dementia. Playing cards helps with dementia because people with dementia are using their mind. 

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Early Intervention Dementia Cognition Program

About Saving Memories

Paula Salgado, a Gerontologist specializes in working with people with mild cognitive impairment. She graduated from the University of Arizona with an undergraduate in Gerontology. She is currently working on her Master in Science in Applied Gerontology. 

Paula has spent considerable time taking care of her father who suffered from Dementia. She tried several techniques to help slow down the progression of dementia of her father. None were effective in achieving results, so she decided to make it her life's mission to work on a holistic Dementia program. The Cognitive Support System is designed to help people with mild cognitive impairment so they can function without the continuous support and be independent longer. The program has shown to be effective in slowing down the progression of their illness and gives your loved one a more constructive life for longer. She also offers another dementia program for the later stage as well. Recently, she also decided to offer private dementia care with dementia-certified caregivers.


She offers education classes for recently diagnosed individuals and their families. Paula also provides training to your loved one's current caregivers and training to facilities' caregivers. She also offers to set up the program at the facility for an extra fee.

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